Cam is a Product Design Strategist & Manager at Intuit who leads multi-disciplinary UX teams to guide design & product strategy, usher in UX practice change, & transform products with a user-centered approach to rapid prototyping & research.

Cam believes in changing the world - one interaction at a time - and has an an affinity for prototyping, research, and interaction design.

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YouTube Shorts

Give everyone a voice. Show them the world.

YouTube Shorts Creation includes all of the tools it takes to create Shorts in the YouTube app.

The Shorts Creation platform extended to other tools such as Live streaming, Posts, and more.

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Migration Center

Estimate. Assess. Migrate.

Migration Center is Google Clouds one stop shop for planning and managing migration to Google Cloud. 

Migration Center provided Modernization recommendations powered by AI to assist users in their move to Google Cloud.

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Amazon Care

Healthcare for everyone in 60 seconds or less.

Amazon Care is a healthcare application aiming to lower the cost and complications associated with healthcare with a mixture of technology, AI, and a human touch.

Amazon Care was a benefit being piloted for Amazon employees and their families in the Seattle area prior to being rolled into Amazon Clinic.

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Evolving the recipient experience.

The "Orders" pages of the Amazon website are the 2nd most visited pages on the entire site as customers feequent these pages to track packages, cross-reference transactions, and browse through past purchases.

This redesign is focused on making each of those experiences better by focusing on the reason the customer is there and delivering the content they need to them at the right place and time.

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High Fashion. Low Prices.

MyHabit was a small flash sales  application launched by Amazon as a way to test their hand in the fashion industry. With over 7 million users, MyHabit established itself as a niche event-based shopping experience within the fashion industry.

As the years went by, MyHabit expanded from its original goals and lost its identity in the shuffle, making the app less effective and less profitable than it could've been - warranting the necessity for an overhaul of the entire experience.

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