Shift Sync & Track Apps


The Shift Sync and Shift Track apps are a pair of native iOS apps designed to allow store associates and managers to manage and track shifts at work. The Shift Sync app is an iPhone and Apple Watch app designed for store associates to enable them to swap shifts with one another. The Shift Track app is an iPad app that connects with the Shift Sync app enabling managers to get a comprehensive overview of their employees’ schedules to make sure all of the shifts they need to be filled are covered. The two apps were initially designed to be used within Apple Stores and extended to other clients to customize for their use as well.


I worked on this project with a team of 2 other designers and was primarily responsible for the information architecture, flow, and interaction design for these apps. After a 2-day meeting and sketching session with the Product Owner where we brainstormed ideas and gathered requirements, the team and I began working on the design details for the app. Over the course of 2 weeks and numerous wireframes, I was able to lock in the information architecture for the app which allowed one of my colleagues to begin on the visual design. After handing the wireframes off, a new challenge came up from the client to add accessibility features into the app. After researching accessibility standards, I was able to lead the team in choosing accessible colors and also wrote all of the accessibility information that would be read out by Siri when using the visibility impaired mode in the app. The Apple Watch version of the app was not originally in scope for this project and was tacked on with just one week left until handoff. I was assigned the Apple Watch portion of the suite and was tasked with owning the entire design of that app. Since the Apple Watch was still not released yet, it was difficult to find any patterns to design the app around, so I met directly with the designers who were establishing the Apple Watch patterns to understand their guiding principles. After that meeting, I was able to turn around the first design for the Apple Watch version of Shift Sync within a day and finalized the revisions by the end of the week for handoff to Apple.






View Shift Sync (iPhone) Final Design
View Shift Sync (iPhone) Annotated Design
View Shift Sync (Apple Watch) Final Design
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View Shift Track (iPad) Final Design
View Shift Track (iPad) Annotated Design
View Shift Track (iPad) VoiceOver Accessibility Document
Watch Shift Track Product Demo