Sales Assist App


Sales Assist is a native iOS app designed for the iPad that allows retail associates to locate and assist customers within their stores. The app was designed to work in tandem with iBeacon technology to help locate customers within department stores so that store associates could find their way over to them. The app allows associates to look up inventory, help find items based on the customer’s past purchases, and even help customers “complete the look” with additional wardrobe accessories.


I worked on this project with two other designers and focused primarily on the information architecture, flow, and interaction design while she focused on the visual design. When I was brought onto the project, a problem had arisen where the client wanted to be able to have filters within the navigation but the originally designed navigation didn’t allow for that. After a few meetings with the client, I was able to gather the requirements for exactly what they needed and build in a filtering system into the navigation. Once that was completed, I was tasked with revising the entire app to fix the flow and interactions. After several meetings with stakeholders and clients, I was able to capture the key requirements and wireframe a few solutions. The stakeholders then reviewed the wireframes and the direction was solidified. I spent the next week or so finalizing the interaction design, working with Kristie to add the visual design, and documenting all of the interactions so the developers had a reference guide to build from.






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