Party On-the-Go App (Material Design)



Party On-the-Go is a small chat app that allows Xbox players to group chat using their gamertag while away from their Xbox.


A lot of my recent work has been greatly inspired by Google’s new Material Design language, so I decided to take a crack at designing a small app using their new design language. After doing a bit of studying around Google’s design language, I decided to take a crack at it by designing this app.

I began work on this project working in tandem with my friend and mentee, Khalen Morehead as a project to help him learn the new Windows Phone design language. As part of the project, I decided to take on the same challenge for Google’s language. We brainstormed together about potential features and functionality and went off and did our own sketches and designs.

I learned that the floating action button (FAB) is used to signify the most important or most used action within an app. With this being a small chat app, starting new chats is vital to the usability of this app, so the FAB was assigned to the creation of a new party chat.

After reviewing Google’s design guidelines more closely, I made some additional changes, eliminating the menu and instead opting for a sleek overflow menu to handle options and settings. Alignment was adjusted using the metrics and guidelines from Google’s Material Design site and additional tweaks were made to unify the app.