FurEver Pet Adoption App (Material Design)


This project was a design challenge where I was given 8 hours to design an experience to help people looking to adopt pets from shelters. I began this project with a brief user interview with my mom who has adopted 4 dogs from shelters over the last few years. The information she provided was enough to help me make a few assumptions on the general concerns for people looking to adopt a pet from a shelter. After a quick competitive analysis of other websites and mobile apps, I confirmed some of the assumptions and needs given to me from the interview with my mom and jumped into creating a few guiding personas to lead me as I designed. With those personas in mind, I created a set of wireframes for a mobile app to help each user type find their perfect pet.

More about this project can be found in the associated “Design Rationale” document in the deliverables section.


Personal Project


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