ExpressPay App


ExpressPay is a native iOS designed for both iPad and iPhone that enables store workers to quickly check out shoppers without the need to for lines or cash registers. The app was designed similarly to an “Express Checkout” in major department stores aiming to get customers with 10 items or less quickly checked out and on their way.


I worked on this project with fellow designer Brandon Gibson with a focus primarily on flow, interactions, and wireframing while Brandon owned much of the visual design. The majority of this project was completed in the course of 2 days. On the first day, our PM, Brandon, and I trapped ourselves in a room to work out the requirements and do several joint sketching sessions throughout the course of a day. Day 2 consisted of Brandon and I locking working out all of the finer design details and getting the first draft of the design into Keynote for review. After review, a few minimal changes were made and the design was handed off to engineering to be developed.






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View Annotated Wireframes (iPhone)
View Annotated Wireframes (iPad)
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