Email Builder Wizard



The Email Builder is the most used feature in the Salesfusion app with more than 95% of users utilizing the email editor and with over 25% of total clicks focused on the email builder. The email builder was redesigned with multiple rounds of usability testing and surveying to ensure the proper experience was being designed and developed.


I began this project working with another UX Architect, Terris Johnson. Together, we mapped out the flow of the current email builder and the desired flow of the new email builder. We conducted interviews of internal employees who used the application and used surveys of external employees to create informed design decisions within the application. After we had obtained this information, we began creating the initial wireframes for the email builder. As we were creating the initial wires, Terris was moved off the project and I continued working on the wireframes and the first prototype. When the Email Builder was designed, our team did not have UI designer, so I took it upon myself to add a bit of a design layer on top. I also led Usability Testing for the Email Builder using a low-fidelity Axure prototype, Usability Studio, and a research methodology document I put together as Salesfusion’s guerilla testing standard. I created a test plan using methods from this document and performed usability testing with a small pool of internal employees and results were recorded and presented to the entire company. From the results of the testing, we were able to make design decisions that helped validate original assumptions and inform required changes. After this, I began a second round of wireframes and changed the design to be a bit more intuitive. At that point in time, our team added a dedicated UI designer, Daniel Haire , who put an amazing design layer on top, finalizing the experience.






Original Email Builder Flow
New Email Builder Flow

Initial Wireframes
Low-Fidelity Prototype
Revised Wireframes