CRM Integrated Email Widget


The Email Widget was built as an integration with Salesforce based on the Email Build Wizard for a client of Salesfusion in order to win a large deal. This widget added an approval process to sending emails and locked down certain portion of the email to be uneditable.


I worked on this project with UI designer, Daniel Haire as the lone UX designer. I was brought into this project by one of the salesman who was in a procurement process with Penn State University. Penn State was requesting a new feature that currently did not exist in the Salesfusion platform, so I was brought in to discuss the user’s needs with them and present a possible solution to their problem. After talking with the customer, I gathered the needed requirements and began with a few simple flowcharts. Once that was complete, I created the wireframes and handed them off to Daniel for the final design pass. Once this was complete, I created a pitch deck, presenting our concept for the Email Widget, that was shared with Penn State in order to finalize and close the deal.


Salesfusion / Penn State